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Rolling Stones - Live at the Max
Rolling Stones - Live at the Max

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 Bare Witness (DVD-R)   Bare Witness (DVD-R)

Beautiful Angie Everhart (2000 Playboy Centerfold, Last Action Hero) and handsome Daniel Baldwin (Vampires, Mulholland Falls) ignite a four-alarm fire of passion, heat and uncontrollable desire in the intoxicating world of pornography and prostitution.

A videotaped encounter between a hired killer and a beautiful call girl inadvertently links a prominent member...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Bound (2015)(DVD-R)   Bound (2015)(DVD-R)

The daughter of a wealthy real estate mogul falls in love with a younger man, and she is introduced to the world of BDSM. With her newly awakened sexual prowess, she is finally able to take control of her life. 

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Cross Breed (2019)(DVD-R)   Cross Breed (2019)(DVD-R)

In the near future, the President of the New United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top secret research facility orbiting the Earth.

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Darker Reality, A (DVD-R)   Darker Reality, A (DVD-R)

A group of women wake up in a cold cement basement. Drugged and terrified they find themselves captive to a depraved psychopath whose blood-lust and insanity knows no bounds. Police Detective Balasco and psychiatrist Dr. Metcalfe team up in a desperate attempt to locate the girls...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Death Kiss (2018)(DVD-R)   Death Kiss (2018)(DVD-R)

A vigilante with a mysterious past moves into a city that has been infested with crimeand terror. He then takes the law into his own hands so that he could save and protect a young mother and her child.

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Grey Gardens (DVD-R)   Grey Gardens (DVD-R)

Thirty-five years after the Maysles brothers' famed documentary of the same name, Grey Gardens offers awry, behind-the-scenes look at "Big Edie" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, two charming eccentrics who were relatives of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and inhabitants of a decaying mansion in the Hamptons. Drew Barrymore and Jessica...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Moola (DVD-R)   Moola (DVD-R)

Don Most of "Happy Days" fame directs a huge herd of stars in this illuminating comedy, based on improbable-but-true events, about love, friendship, success, corporate greed... and dairy cows in heat!

Sometimes "manure happens" and unfortunately for business partners and best pals Steve (William Mapother) and Harry (Daniel Baldwin), they're in...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Nine Dead (DVD-R)   Nine Dead (DVD-R)

Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch), John Terry (TV's Lost, 24) and James C. Victor (TV's 24) triggers top-notch suspense in this gruesome tale of a masked gunman on the prowl. With hoods over their heads, nine handcuffed strangers are about to learn their kidnapper's...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Phantasm: Ravager (2016)(Blu-ray)   Phantasm: Ravager (2016)(Blu-ray)
This is a Blu-ray movie designed for Blu-Ray players only.

For 37 years, audiences have followed small town friends Reggie, Mike, and Jody in their quest to stop the evil, dimension-hopping schemes of The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm in his final performance) and his armada of killer Sentinel Spheres. Now, Don Coscarelli's acclaimed horror/sci-fi Phantasm franchise comes to a close...

 ฿150.00  Buy Now 
 Plumm Summer, A (DVD-R)   Plumm Summer, A (DVD-R)

The innocence of an idyllic small town is torn apart when famous TV puppet Froggy Doo is "frognapped" and held for ransom. A Plumm Summer tells the remarkable tale of two young brothers, Elliott and Rocky Plumm, and their new neighbor Haley, who go head-to-head with the FBI in order...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Shadowheart (DVD-R)   Shadowheart (DVD-R)

AS a boy, he saw his preacher father murdered. As a soldier, he witnessed the horrors of the Civil War. Now bounty hunter James Conners (Justin Ament) has returned to the town of Legend, New Mexico to capture the psychotic land baron (Angus Macfadyen of Braveheart and the Saw series)...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Silicon Towers (DVD-R)   Silicon Towers (DVD-R)

Hold tight for a hold-your-breath, harrowing battle of money, power, and wits!

The clock is ticking on Charlie Cook's career...and his life! When he is mysteriously promoted to a high level post at Silicon Towers, an anonymous e-mail tips him off to an explosive secret:...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Silver Man (DVD-R)   Silver Man (DVD-R)

Silver Man, an elusive street musician with a skin abnormality, plays boardwalks by day, retreating to the isolation of his apartment at night. Next door is Tivoli - a beautiful woman in a destructive relationship - to whom Silver Man is drawn. Her pathological boyfriend, Jake, owes a growing debt...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Truth, The (DVD-R)   Truth, The (DVD-R)

When a couple is taken hostage in their home by an intruder, a simple home invasion robbery turns into something much more complicated. The wife may, or may not, know the intruder; and the intruder may, or may not, have previously crossed paths with the husband. Can...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Vampires (John Carpenter) (DVD-R)   Vampires (John Carpenter) (DVD-R)

Forget everything you've ever heard about vampires, warns Jack Crow (James Woods), the leader of Team Crow, a relentless group of mercenary vampire slayers. When Master Vampire Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) decimates Jack's entire team, Crow and the sole team survivor, Montoya (Daniel Baldwin), set out in pursuit. Breaking all...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products) Result Pages:  1 

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01. Hellboy (2019)Hellboy (2019)(DVD-R)
02. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)(DVD-R)
03. Ashes (2019)Ashes (2019)(DVD-R)
04. A Star Is Born (2018)A Star Is Born (2018)(DVD-R)
05. Leave No Trace (2018)Leave No Trace (2018)(DVD-R)
06. Deadsight (2019)Deadsight (2019)(DVD-R)
07. Aquaman (2019)Aquaman (2019)(DVD-R)
08. Molly's Game (2018)Molly's Game (2018)(DVD-R)
09. Play or Die (2019)Play or Die (2019)(DVD-R)
10. Black Panther (2018)Black Panther (2018)(DVD-R)

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