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Jungle Book 2 (DVD-R)
Jungle Book 2 (DVD-R)

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 Bicentennial Man (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bicentennial Man (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

From the acclaimed director of Mrs. Doubtfire, Academy Award winner Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting) stars in a delightfully heartwarming comedy about one extraordinary android who just wants to be an ordinary guy! Though he was purchased as a mere "household appliance," it doesn't take long for the Martin family...
 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Big 4 - Live (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Big 4 - Live (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

When the 'Big Four'--Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax--shared a stage together on June 22nd 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria, the show was beamed live into over 550 theatres worldwide via satellite in a special HD cinematic event. The Big Four Live From Sofia includes full shows from all four bands on...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Big Fish (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Big Fish (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Throughout his life, Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor) has always been a man of big appetites, enormous passions and tall tales. In his later years, portrayed by five-time Best Actor Oscar nominee Albert Finney (Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Erin Brockovich, 2000), he remains a huge mystery to his son,...
 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Big Hero 6 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Big Hero 6 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Big Hero 6 is an action-packed comedy adventure that introduces Baymax, a lovable, personal companion robot, who forms a special bond with robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Big Love - Complete 1st Season (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Big Love - Complete 1st Season (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

HBO pushes the boundaries once again with this hit show about a man with three wives. Bill Paxton (ALIENS) stars as Bill Henrickson, a Salt Lake City Mormon who appears to have eked out an achingly mundane existence for himself. But scratch beneath the surface and Bill is far from...

 ฿500.00  Buy Now 
 Big Love - Complete 2nd Season (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Big Love - Complete 2nd Season (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Season Two of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-and Golden Globe-nominated Big Love finds the modern-day polygamist Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) and his three wives struggling to pick up the pieces after first wife Barb's (Jeanne Tripplehorn) outing at the Beehive Mother of the Year Ceremony. Second wife Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), learning...

 ฿400.00  Buy Now 
 Big Miracle (2012)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Big Miracle (2012)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Inspired by the true story that captured the hearts of people across the world, the rescue adventure Big Miracle tells the amazing tale of a small town news reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace volunteer (Drew Barrymore) who are joined by rival world superpowers to save a...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Big Year, The (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Big Year, The (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson are at a crossroads -- one is experiencing a mid-life crisis, another a late-life crisis, and the third, a far from ordinary no-life crisis. From David Frankel, the director of The Devil Wears Prada and Marley & Me, comes a...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bird and Fortune - 2 Johns and a Dinner Party (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bird and Fortune - 2 Johns and a Dinner Party (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

'The Two Johns', Bird and Fortune, present this collection of satirical comedy sketches and skits. Pauline McLynn and Frances Barber join them around the dinner table to discuss the topical issues of the day and, more importantly, how they affect the middle-class. Wry humour, astute political observations and biting satire,...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Biutiful (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Biutiful (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Biutiful is a love story between a father and his children. This is the journey of Uxbal, a conflicted man who struggles to reconcile fatherhood, love, spirituality, crime, guilt and mortality amidst the dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona. His livelihood is earned out of bounds, his...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bjork - Vespertine Live at the Royal Opera House (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bjork - Vespertine Live at the Royal Opera House (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

All Is Full of Love
Generous Palmstroke
An Echo a Stain
Hidden Place
Harm of Will
It's Not up to You
Pagan Poetry
Possibly Maybe
Human Behavior
It's in Our Hands

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Black Books, The - Series 1-2 & 3 (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Black Books, The - Series 1-2 & 3 (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

From Graham Linehan, co-writer of Father Ted, comes a new cult comedy set in a second hand bookshop. Dylan Moran stars as the bohemian, and frequently drunk, owner who has one major problem with his line of work: he hates customers. Help is soon at hand, however, in the form...

 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Black Christmas: Special Edition (1974)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Black Christmas: Special Edition (1974)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

If This Film Doesn't Make Your Skin Crawl, It's On Too Tight!

The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sig prepare for the festive season, a demonic stranger begins to stalk the...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Black Gold (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Black Gold (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Under the unforgiving desert sky, two warring leaders come face to face.

The victorious Nesib, Emir of Hobeika, lays down his peace terms to his rival Amar, Sultan of Salmaah. The two men agree that neither can lay claim to the area of no man’s land between them called...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Black Hawk Down (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Black Hawk Down (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down conveys the raw, chaotic urgency of ground-force battle in a worst-case scenario. With exacting detail, the film re-creates the American siege of the Somalian city of Mogadishu in October 1993, when a 45-minute mission turned into a 16-hour ordeal of bloody urban warfare. Helicopter-borne U.S....

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Blair Witch Project, The (2 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Blair Witch Project, The (2 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

The Blair Witch Project:
In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary... A year later, their footage was found.

Now prepare for a motion picture experience unlike anything you've ever seen, heard or feared before. The Blair Witch Project follows a...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Blitz (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Blitz (2011)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Jason Statham (The Mechanic, The Expendables) heads the cast of Blitz as the tough, uncompromising and un-PC detective “Brant”, who is teamed with unlikely partner “Sgt Porter Nash” played by Paddy Considine (The Bourne Ultimatum) to investigate a series of police murders. BAFTA and Tony Award-nominee Aidan Gillen (HBO’s The...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Blood Work (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Blood Work (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

FBI profiler Terry McCaleb almost always gets to the heart of a case. This time, that heart beats inside him. He's a cardiac patient who received a murder victim's heart. And the donor's sister asks him to make good on his second chance by...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

The colorful, electrifying romance that took the Cannes Film Festival by storm courageously dives into a young woman's experiences of first love and sexual awakening. Blue Is the Warmest Color stars the remarkable newcomer Adele Excharpoulos as a high schooler who, much to her own ...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Blue Murder - Complete Series 1-4 (7 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Blue Murder - Complete Series 1-4 (7 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

DVD Description:

The Blue Murder - Complete Series 1-4 box set contains seven discs and all episodes from the detective series, in which Caroline Quentin stars as the lead role of DCI Janine Lewis--a single mother of four children, who juggles the demands of family life with her...

 ฿700.00  Buy Now 
 Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Atlantic City, February 1924: Picking up 8 months after the events of Season 3, Nucky Thompson is laying low at the end of the Boardwalk after barely surviving an overthrow by gangster Gyp Rossetti. But the calm will be short-lived, as Nucky faces new challenges, including a clash with a...

 ฿480.00  Buy Now 
 Bodies - Series 2 + The Finale (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bodies - Series 2 + The Finale (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

The gripping, darkly humorous and disturbing medical drama continues with more explosive action and emotional confrontations - the personal and professional loyalties of staff at South Central Infirmary's Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department are tested as never before.

Registrar Rob Lake (Max Beesley) finds himself caught in the bitter rivalry...

 ฿400.00  Buy Now 
 Body Heat (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Body Heat (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

William Hurt and Kathleen Turner strike sparks in Lawrence Kasdan's Body Heat, a sexy, haunting tale of desire and skullduggery that echoes 1940s film noirs but is charged with an energy and passion that could only flare in the '80s. Aided by a sultry John Barry score, Kasdan's assured directorial...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Body of Lies (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Body of Lies (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Trust No One. Deceive Everyone.

The CIA's hunt is on for the mastermind of a wave of terrorist attacks. Roger Ferris is the agency's man on the ground, moving from place to place, scrambling to stay ahead of ever-shifting events. An eye in the sky - a satellite link - watches...
 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bon Jovi : Live At The Madison Square Garden (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Bon Jovi : Live At The Madison Square Garden (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Bon Jovi's last album Lost Highway debuted at #1 in the U.S. and around the world. The resulting "Lost Highway World Tour" - which famously came to a close with an historic free concert in New York City's Central Park and two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden - was...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 126 to 150 (of 1294 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 

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03. Seventh Son (2015)Seventh Son (2015)(DVD-R)
04. Paddington (2015)Paddington (2015)(DVD-R)
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07. Night At The Museum Secret of The Tomb (2015)Night At The Museum Secret of The Tomb (2015)(DVD-R)
08. Into The Woods (2015)Into The Woods (2015)(DVD-R)
09. Imitation Game, The (2015)Imitation Game, The (2015)(DVD-R)
10. Last Knights (2015)(QuickPlay)Last Knights (2015)(QuickPlay)(DVD-R)

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