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 Barton Fink (1991)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Barton Fink (1991)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

"One of theismartest comedies America has producediin years." -Bob Strauss, LA Daily News

John Turturro shines in the lead role in Barton Fink the Coen Brothers' (Miller's Crossing, Fargo) hilarious satire set in the 1940s...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bates Motel - Season 2 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Bates Motel - Season 2 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

In the aftermath of Miss Watson's murder, Norman's (Freddie Highmore) innocence is buried under blackouts, suspicious characters and his strange behavior. Meanwhile, Norma (Vera Farmiga) faces dark truths of her own when family secrets begin to unravel while looming threats from local villains jeopardize Norma's stab at happiness. No matter...

 ฿360.00  Buy Now 
 Batman Beyond: Season 1 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Batman Beyond: Season 1 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Terry McGinnis was just an ordinary teenager...until his father was mysteriously murdered. Suspecting foul play at his father's company Wayne/Powers Corporation, Terry meets Bruce Wayne and learns a secret identity hidden for decades. Now too old to battle injustice, Wayne refuses to help. So Terry does...

 ฿240.00  Buy Now 
 Batman Beyond: Season 2 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Batman Beyond: Season 2 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Does the suit make the man, or does the man make the suit? That's the question Terry McGinnis asks himself each time he takes flight over the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City. As the new Batman, Terry has all the high-tech gear and gadgets he needs,...

 ฿480.00  Buy Now 
 Batman Beyond: Season 3 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Batman Beyond: Season 3 (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

As the new Batman, Terry has all the high-tech gear and gadgets he needs, plus Bruce Wayne's research skills and instincts. Season Three became the final season for the series, as Terry joined forces with the JLU (Justice League Unlimited) The series ended with the episode ...

 ฿240.00  Buy Now 
 Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (2015)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (2015)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

It's Halloween night in Gotham City and a mysterious crime spree has Batman on the trail of the city's spookiest villains: Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee and Solomon Grundy. Ruling over these misfits is the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker! Armed with a computer virus and diabolical plan to...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Batman Vs. Robin (2015)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Batman Vs. Robin (2015)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

The shadows of Gotham City are no place for a child, but Damian Wayne is no ordinary child. Now bearing the mantle of Robin, he blazes a headstrong and sometimes reckless trail alongside his father, the Batman. While investigating a crime scene, Robin encounters a mysterious figure, Talon,...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Battle Of Algiers: The Criterion Collection (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Battle Of Algiers: The Criterion Collection (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

One of the most influential films in the history of political cinema, Gillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers focuses on the harrowing events of 1957, a key year in Algeria's struggle for independence from France. Shot in the streets of Algiers in documentary style, the film vividly recreates...

 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Battle: Los Angeles (Deluxe)(2011)(DVD-R)   Battle: Los Angeles (Deluxe)(2011)(DVD-R)
aka World Invasion - Battle: LA

Los Angeles and other cities around the world are being bombarded by meteors that seem to be slowing down once they hit the earth's atmosphere. The earth is suddenly being invaded by space aliens that have landed off the shore of LA, and who begin killing everybody...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Battleship (2012) (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Battleship (2012) (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Peter Berg (Hancock) produces and directs Battleship, an epic-scaled action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. Inspired by Hasbro's classic naval combat game, Battleship stars Taylor Kitsch as Lt. Alex...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Beach Boys, The - Endless Harmony (2000)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beach Boys, The - Endless Harmony (2000)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

This smartly produced, intelligently written documentary strikes a satisfying balance between thoughtful analysis, personal history, and sheer musical pleasure for a portrait of the seminal California pop band that will prove equally compelling to both knowledgeable fans and casual listeners. In the audiovisual equivalent of a loaves-and-fishes miracle, The Beach...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Beach Boys, The - The Smile Sessions (2011 Deluxe Edition HDCD) 2CD(Music CD)   Beach Boys, The - The Smile Sessions (2011 Deluxe Edition HDCD) 2CD(Music CD)


1-01 - Our Prayer
1-02 - Gee
1-03 - Heroes And Villains
1-04 - Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
1-05 - I'm In Great Shape
1-06 - Barnyard
1-07 - My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter-You Are My Sunshine)
1-08 - Cabin Essence
1-09 -...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Beast, The - Season 1 (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Beast, The - Season 1 (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Patrick Swayze is back and gunning for justice as Charles Barker, an unorthodox but effective FBI veteran in The Beast. Though considered by many, including rookie partner agent Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel), to be the best in the business, FBI undercover operative Barker has a style that is nothing if...

 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Beastmaster, The (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beastmaster, The (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Possessing an extraordinary ability to communicate with animals, a warrior named Dar (Marc Singer) embarks on a perilous journey to seek his revenge on a villainous priest (Rip Torn) and the barbarians who slaughtered his family. Along the way, Dar befriends a cunning hunter (John Amos) and a beautiful slave...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Beatles, The : Anthology (5 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beatles, The : Anthology (5 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

A deluxe, multi-volume chronicle of the complete history of the Beatles, THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY is the definitive documentary, featuring 10 hours of footage culled from interviews, live concerts, studio sessions, feature films, home movies and more. Twenty-five years after the Beatles' breakup, Paul, George, and Ringo reunited to offer new...

 ฿500.00  Buy Now 
 Beautiful Creatures (2013)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beautiful Creatures (2013)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

A strange recurring dream haunts Ethan Wate in his sleep, but he prefers anything to his waking life. Trapped in a small, conservative Southern town with his withdrawn father, Ethan desperately wants to escape. Then the beautiful Lena Duchannes arrives at his school, and mysterious events begin to occur. Lena...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Beauty and the Beast (2017)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beauty and the Beast (2017)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

“Beauty and the Beast” is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Beauty and the Beast (Diamond Edition) (2-disc) (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Beauty and the Beast (Diamond Edition) (2-disc) (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

One of the most acclaimed and treasured animated films of all time is about to sweep you off your feet. Follow the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself in the castle of a prince who's been turned into a mysterious beast. With the help of the...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Beauty And The Beast - Belle's Magic World (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Beauty And The Beast - Belle's Magic World (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Belle's Magical World comes to life in three charming fantasy adventures presented like chapters in a storybook. In The Perfect Word, a silly misunderstanding between Belle and the Beast leads to a lesson in forgiveness. Then, in Fifi's Folly, a romantic evening for Lumiere and Fifi...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bedazzled (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bedazzled (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

The Devil's never been so hot or hilarious! Brendan Fraser is a hapless, love-starved computer technician who falls prey to sinfully sexy Elizabeth Hurley when he agrees to sell her his soul in exchange for seven wishes. But the sly Princess of Darkness has more than a few tricks up...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bedtime Stories (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bedtime Stories (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Marty Bronson (Jonathan Pryce) who raises his son and daughter on his own has to sell his homey motel to clever Barry Nottingham (Richard Griffiths) who promises to make Marty's son manager, when he's grown up and has proven himself. Nottingham pulls down the motel to raise a pricey hotel....
 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Bee Gees - In Our Own Time (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Bee Gees - In Our Own Time (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

"In Our Own Time" is a new film on the long and illustrious career of the legendary Bee Gees, from their modest beginnings to unrivaled worldwide success in the '70s, to the tragedy of losing their brothers Maurice and Andy. The story is told "in their own...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Before I Go To Sleep (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Before I Go To Sleep (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Award winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth deliver riveting performances in this tense thriller based on the best-selling novel that features a shocking twist ending you will never see coming. Kidman plays Christine, a woman who wakes up every day remembering nothing. But when she tries...

 ฿120.00  Buy Now 
 Behind Enemy Lines (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Behind Enemy Lines (3 Disc)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)
Ultimate Collection

Behind Enemy Lines
Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson score "a solid victory" (Time Magazine) in this high flying action thriller filled with explosive action at every turn.

The war was supposed to be over, but the battle to survive has just begun. When U.S. Navy pilot Chris Burnett (Wilson) is shot down...
 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Being Human (Deluxe) (DVD-R)   Being Human (Deluxe) (DVD-R)

Russell Tovey plays the lovable George, battling with his double identity as a mild-mannered and geeky hospital porter who for one night a month is transformed into a flesh-hungry, predatory werewolf.

Aidan Turner plays the good-looking and laid-back Mitchell who, in contrast to George, has the gift of the gab...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 126 to 150 (of 1560 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 

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