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Jungle Book 2 (DVD-R)
Jungle Book 2 (DVD-R)

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 XIII: The Conspiracy (DVD-R)   XIII: The Conspiracy (DVD-R)

The first female US President Sally Sheridan is shot dead by a sniper during her Independence Day speech. Her assassin narrowly escapes the scene with his life, national security hot on his heels - or so it seems. Three months later, an elderly couple discover the body of a wounded...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 White Queen, The - Complete Series (2013)(DVD-R)   White Queen, The - Complete Series (2013)(DVD-R)

The White Queen is a riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women - Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort...

 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Two Ronnies, The : The Christmas Specials (DVD-R)   Two Ronnies, The : The Christmas Specials (DVD-R)

DVD Description
All the Christmas specials from the comedy sketch show that, in its heyday, was as much a British institution as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Double act Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker, aka 'The Two Ronnies', perform their trademark sketches, 'drama serials', musical routines and...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Triangle, The (DVD-R)   Triangle, The (DVD-R)
From the director of X-Men and a producer of Independence Day, comes a sci-fi event so big, it's a phenomenon.

Billionaire shipping magnate Eric Benirall (Sam Neill) keeps losing ships in the Bermuda Triangle, so he hires a motley band of experts to uncover the mystery that has haunted the Bermuda Triangle for centuries. The team includes Howard Thomas (Eric Stoltz), a tabloid reporter and cynic who only takes the...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Thorn Birds, The (1983) (DVD-R)   Thorn Birds, The (1983) (DVD-R)

A priest torn between God and human passion. A beautiful girl desiring only what she cannot have. Five decades of ambition, fear, longing and revenge. From Colleen McCullough's bestseller, The Thorn Birds tells this epic story against the limitless horizons of Australia's Outback. With a brilliant all-star cast, this TV...

 ฿400.00  Buy Now 
 The Owl Service - Complete Series (DVD-R)   The Owl Service - Complete Series (DVD-R)

Based on Alan Garner's novel, THE OWL SERVICE tells the story of Alison and her step-brother Roger. They go on a family holiday in the Welsh Valleys and stay in a cottage that has it share of supernatural secrets. Features the complete series.
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 The Night Of (2016)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)   The Night Of (2016)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Naz is a strait-laced Pakistani-American student who is off to a must-attend party on a Friday night. His only available transportation being his father's taxi cab, Naz sets off into Manhattan. But his party-going plans are quickly forgotten when a mysterious young woman jumps aboard in need of a ride....

 ฿360.00  Buy Now 
 The Last Enemy - The Complete Mini-Series (DVD-R)   The Last Enemy - The Complete Mini-Series (DVD-R)

After four years abroad, Stephen Ezard (Benedict Cumberbatch, ATONEMENT) returns to London for his brother Michael's (Max Beesley, HOTEL BABYLON) funeral. Following a major terrorist attack, Britain has become a security state and U.K. citizens have their movements tracked by the government. Stephen finds himself in the midst of a...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 The Fixer (2016)(DVD-R)   The Fixer (2016)(DVD-R)

Suspicious of the "official answers" to an oil rig disaster, Ellie Molaro (Robertson), an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, spearheads a private investigation with a secret tipster named Carter (Dane). Carter claims that a conspiracy of "Fixers" are behind the worst disasters in the country, all rigged to...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 The Bronx is Burning (DVD-R)   The Bronx is Burning (DVD-R)
Everyone Has Something To Prove

In the summer of 1977, New York was a city in crisis. Paralyzed by a citywide blackout, political strife and the Son of Sam killing spree, the Big Apple was burning. Rising out of this troubled urban landscape to bring hope and inspiration came one of baseball's most storied franchises,...
 ฿300.00  Buy Now 
 Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken (Deluxe)(6 Disc)(DVD-R)   Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken (Deluxe)(6 Disc)(DVD-R)

The Critically Acclaimed Epic Event

Steven Spielberg presents an epic entertainment event spanning three families, four generations and 50 years of unearthly secrets. With cutting-edge special effects and a storyline of gripping, otherworldly suspense, Taken launches you into a realm of alien abductions and ...

 ฿600.00  Buy Now 
 Stephen King's The Stand (4 Disc)(DVD-R)   Stephen King's The Stand (4 Disc)(DVD-R)

After a government-spawned "superflu" wipes out more than 90 percent of the earth's population, the devastated survivors must decide whether to support or resist the advances of a mysterious stranger from way down South (heh-heh) who wishes to claim this new world order for himself. Although...

 ฿400.00  Buy Now 
 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (DVD-R)   Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (DVD-R)

The House of Batiatus is on the rise, basking in the glow of its infamous champion Gannicus, whose skill with a sword is matched only by his thirst for wine and women. These are the times a young Batiatus has been waiting for. Poised to overthrow his...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Sons Of Liberty (2015)(DVD-R)   Sons Of Liberty (2015)(DVD-R)

As riots consume the streets of Boston, a dangerous game plays out between a British governor and ringleader Sam Adams, which escalates to extreme measures - street brawls, black market dealings, espionage, and murder. A sizzling, romantic affair percolates against a backdrop of rising civil unrest, the infamous Boston Tea...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Show Me a Hero (Deluxe)(DVD-R)   Show Me a Hero (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

In an America generations removed from the greatest civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the young mayor of a mid-sized American city is faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighborhoods of his town. His attempt...

 ฿240.00  Buy Now 
 Saints & Strangers (2016)(DVD-R)   Saints & Strangers (2016)(DVD-R)

Vincent Kartheiser (TV's Mad Men), Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) and Ron Livingston (Office Space) star in the acclaimed miniseries event Saints & Strangers, which dramatizes the Pilgrims'' harrowing voyage and arrival to America. Upon landing they encounter hunger, disease and the proud by wary Native Americans. Loyalties are tested and...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Rosemary's Baby (BD50)(Blu-ray)   Rosemary's Baby (BD50)(Blu-ray)
This is a Blu-ray movie designed for Blu-Ray players only.

Based on the best-selling suspense novels by Ira Levin, Rosemary's Baby centers on a young married couple that moves to Paris with hopes of leaving their past behind. After a series of unfortunate events, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are presented with an offer they can't refuse - an apartment at...

 ฿250.00  Buy Now 
 Roots (2016)(DVD-R)   Roots (2016)(DVD-R)

ROOTS™ recounts one family’s struggle to resist American slavery. The gripping story is told through four generations, from the capture of Kunta Kinte in Africa to his transport to Colonial America in brutal conditions through successive generations fighting to win their freedom in the Civil War....

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Red Tent, The (2015)(DVD-R)   Red Tent, The (2015)(DVD-R)

The Red Tent is a sweeping tale that takes place during the times of the Old Testament, told through the eyes of Dinah (Rebecca Ferguson), the daughter of Leah (Minnie Driver) and Jacob (Iain Glen). Dinah happily grows up inside the red tent where the women of...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Rain Shadow (Australia) (DVD-R)   Rain Shadow (Australia) (DVD-R)

After a decade of drought, a devastating sheep disease strikes the small Australian farming town of Paringa. Tough minded veterinarian Kate McDonald (Golden Globe - Nominee Rachel Ward, The Thorn Birds) struggles to save her community with the help of a feisty new assistant (Victoria Thaine, The Caterpillar...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Proof Season 1 (DVD-R)   Proof Season 1 (DVD-R)

Set against the backdrop of Irish political corruption, this hard-hitting thriller weaves a complex story of conspiracy, money laundering and human trafficking. When Investigative journalist Terry Corcoran (Finbar Lynch, Masterpiece Theatre's King Lear) discovers a tenuous link between the murder of a car thief and the suspicious death of a...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
    Prisoner, The (Deluxe)(DVD-R)

Enter the mysterious world of The Prisoner. Nobody resigns from Summakor. Once he had a name, a job with the mysterious spy-ops outfit Summakor and a life in New York. Now he has a number. He's called 6, and everything has changed since he quit the many-tentacled...

 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Pillars of the Earth (4 Disc) Deluxe (DVD-R)   Pillars of the Earth (4 Disc) Deluxe (DVD-R)

Ken Follett's best-selling novel is brought to life in a star-studded and critically acclaimed eight-part miniseries!

Emerging from the war-torn shadows of England's Dark Ages, an idealistic mason, Tom Builder (Rufus Sewell, The Holiday), sets out on a quest to erect a glorious cathedral bathed in light. But ...

 ฿400.00  Buy Now 
 Philip Marlowe Private Eye : Complete HBO Series (2 Disc) (DVD-R)   Philip Marlowe Private Eye : Complete HBO Series (2 Disc) (DVD-R)

Whether he's on the trail of a ruthless kidnapper, or entangled in a grusome murder of a Hollywood Hopeful, Philip Marlowe always gets his man. Set in the smog-shrouded streets of 1930's Los Angeles and telling the classic stories from the famous mystery author, Raymond Chandler. Starring Powers Booth (Deadwood,...
 ฿200.00  Buy Now 
 Pacific, The (HBO Miniseries) (DVD-R)   Pacific, The (HBO Miniseries) (DVD-R)

The Pacific is an epic 10-part miniseries that delivers a realistic portrait of WWII's Pacific Theatre as seen through the intertwined odysseys of three U.S. Marines - Robert Leckie, John Basilone and Eugene Sledge. The extraordinary experiences of these men and their fellow Marines take them from the first clash...

 ฿600.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 57 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 

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