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Good Boy! (DVD-R)(Deluxe)
Good Boy! (DVD-R)(Deluxe)

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Latest News
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Revised shipping prices
Friday 25 June, 2010
We have managed to deal with the post office to get a better shipping rate, especially on smaller packages, so we have revised the shipping charges on our site for Airmail and Registered Airmail!

Currency Exchange rates updated
Monday 24 May, 2010
Today we have updated the reference currencies on our site to more accurately reflect what will be charged to your credit card. Our prices (in Thai Baht, the currency in which you are charged) are not changing, but the exchange rates applied by your bank are not as good as they used to be, especially in the UK, Europe and the USA. So, now you will have a clearer picture of how much will be charged to your card.

If you have any questions about this, please do contact us!

Postal delays to Europe
Tuesday 20 April, 2010
Due to the current conditions in North-East Europe caused by the volcanic ash, airmail delivery to affected countries (The UK, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries), will be delayed until air traffic is resumed. So, this will cause a delay of a few extra days to your delivery if you are in one of those countries.

Thai New Year days off
Friday 09 April, 2010
Our New Year is just around the corner, we would like to inform you that our staff will be off from the 12th to the 15th. During this time we will not be shipping or processing orders, so any orders placed in the time will be shipped out on the 16th or 17th. Thanks for your patience!

New Navigation Menu
Saturday 13 March, 2010
We have inaugurated a new navigation menu at the top of our site (next to the search box). We hope this will make it easier for you to find the movies, games and music that you want!

We have had several people ask about the link to "Check Out", you will find it, and other useful shortcuts, by putting your mouse over the "Main" section of the new menu.

New Sherlock Holmes version
Friday 12 March, 2010
If you had purchased the original QuickPlay Deluxe version of this movie, you should have received an email from us by now about an offer for this new version. If you did not receive such an email, please contact for more details.

Postal Situation & Public Holiday on Monday
Saturday 27 February, 2010
We are happy to say that the postal problems we had been seeing around the holiday season seem to be resolved. As a reminder, to improve shipping performance, we will often split up orders into smaller separate packages, and use different sender names and addresses, so if you receive a package from Thailand you do not recognize, it is probably from us!

Lastly, Monday will be a public holiday so shipping of orders will be held until Tuesday.

Blu-ray: Price and Shipping Updates
Sunday 07 February, 2010
As of today, the prices of Blu-ray movies has been dropped from 350 Baht to 320. We are also putting many titles on sale!

And, we will no longer be shipping the cases, optionally or not. It is just not worth the extra shipping expense, we recommend for you to buy the cases locally from eBay or online retailers.

Improve shipping performance with multiple addresses
Friday 22 January, 2010
We have been having some issues with the postal system since the holiday season, and are finding ways to send orders out more reliably. We have found that it works best to send multiple smaller packages rather than a single large one, and so we have implemented a way to do this on our site.

What we would like to ask you to do, is to access your address book on our site, and add any additional addresses that we can ship your order to, such as nearby family and friends, work address, etc. Then, make sure each applicable address is active by clicking the "enable" button next to it. So, when required, we will send additional packages to these addresses. Your "Primary Address" will always remain the default, these extra shipping addresses will only be used if your order requires to be split into separate packages.

If you only have a single address and we need to split your order, we may have to ship each package a day or two apart.

Changes in shipping options
Tuesday 12 January, 2010
As we have been offering a cheaper regular airmail option for some time now, and also shipping Blu-ray movies with the plastic cases, several issues have come up, requiring some changes to our shipping choices depending on the contents of your order.

1. Regular airmail will only be available for orders of 10 discs or less. There have been far too many large orders lost in the post and not having a registration number makes it impossible to follow up.

2. Regular airmail will not be available if you have any Blu-ray movies in your order.

3. Shipping for Blu-ray movies (by Registered Airmail) will now give you the choice of not getting the boxes at all, in which case we will give you a discount of 30 baht per title. If you choose to receive the boxes, they may be sent in a separate package.

4. Shipping for Blu-ray movies (by EMS), the blank boxes will be sent separately, but by registered airmail.

Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

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04. Gunman, The (2015)Gunman, The (2015)(DVD-R)
05. Cinderella (2015)Cinderella (2015)(DVD-R)
06. Danny Collins (2015)Danny Collins (2015)(DVD-R)
07. Poltergeist (2015)Poltergeist (2015)(DVD-R)
08. Woman In Gold (2015)Woman In Gold (2015)(DVD-R)
09. Ex Machina (2015)Ex Machina (2015)(DVD-R)
10. Get Hard (2015)Get Hard (2015)(DVD-R)

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