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  Home » Consoles/Games » Xbox 360 » Role-Playing » xbox360overlordII
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Overlord II (Xbox360 DVD-R) ฿200.00
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Region Free

Number of Discs: 1
In Stock: >10

This is a Xbox360 video game!
This is a video game designed for the Microsoft Xbox360 console.
You will need a console that has modified firmware.
We recommend latest ixtreme firmware 1.0 to 1.2 rev.c. or newer. All games are stealth patched.
For more information, please consult our FAQ.

Mean-streaked tacticians are called upon to fling more minions and raise more hell In Overlord II. Retaining the play style of its predecessor, the game combines the third-person squad management of the GameCube masterpiece, Pikmin, with the wry, good-to-be evil sensibilities of the home computer classic, Dungeon Keeper. The story of Overlord II continues from the first game, as the player assumes the role of the original Overlord's son. Again, the enemy is a civilization known as the Glorious Empire, a great Roman-inspired kingdom that seeks to banish all magic and superstition from the world. Players can choose a path of Domination, ruling mercilessly over the farms and villages of the land and plundering their resources at will, or a path of Destruction, leaving nothing but death and scorched earth in their wakes. Of course, it's actually the Overlord's minions that do all the dirty work....

The sequel expands play with more skilled minions that can perform more tasks, and can work together to operate war machines and sail heavily armed vessels. Minions can also ride wolves and magical creatures into battle. As before, minions are distinguished by their color, and four main types are available in Overlord II. Brown minions take the part of the belligerent infantry; boots on the ground to cause chaos by hand. Reds can set their surroundings aflame in no time. Green minions specialize in stealth, serving as excellent assassins, and otherworldly Blues use magic to heal others and avoid harm. Players can give custom names to their favorite minions, and resurrect them in a special graveyard if they are lost in the line of duty. In places throughout the game, available minions must use their abilities together in order to overcome obstacles and defeat tough enemies.

Overlord II features four multiplayer modes, available both online and in offline split-screen, each with its own map. "Arena Survival" and "Kill a General" are cooperative modes of play. In the "Treasure Hunt" and "King of the Hill" modes, player compete directly against one another.

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