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Brave: A Warrior's Tale (Wii DVD-R) ฿100.00
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This is a Wii video game!
This is a video game designed for the Nintendo Wii console.
You will need a console that has a modchip installed.
They are sold in many places and we recommend www.slimtool.co.uk, they have an installation service.
For more information, please consult our FAQ.

An enhanced remake of 2007's Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer, A Warrior's Tale chronicles a Native American boy's heroic efforts to protect his tribe from a supernatural being known as the Wendigo. Viewed from a third-person perspective set behind the young warrior, the game has you battling enemies such as wolves and giant bees throughout nine themed levels. Brave can use sticks, arrows, tomahawks, and even spells to defeat his foes. He can also tap into the spirit world to possess the abilities of various animals, allowing him to solve puzzles or gain access to different areas. In addition to revamped visuals, A Warrior's Tale includes new unlockable content earned by completing specific milestones.

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