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NeverDead (Xbox360 DVD-R) ฿200.00
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Region Free

Number of Discs: 1
In Stock: 9

This is a Xbox360 video game!
This is a video game designed for the Microsoft Xbox360 console.
You will need a console that has modified firmware.
We recommend latest ixtreme firmware 1.0 to 1.2 rev.c. or newer. All games are stealth patched.
For more information, please consult our FAQ.


A 500-year-old immortal hit man and his secret-agent partner hunt demons with modern-day means and a sense of humor, in Rebellion's NeverDead. Much of the game plays as a fast-paced, third-person shooter, with platform challenges and set-piece sequences that test timing and agility. Puzzles are set in the context of the game's regeneration system. Temporary loss of limbs may restrict the ability to hold a weapon or move about, but dismemberment can also be an advantage. A severed arm can be left behind to detonate an explosive, and a head can scout places its decapitated body cannot.

Cursed with eternal life by a cruel demon king, Bryce Boltzmann was once a naive and noble knight of righteous purpose. His heart hardened by half a millennium of unending battle, he's now a vengeful mercenary, who punctuates his gory exploits with comic observations and snarky one-liners. Although the hero cannot be killed, minimizing damage to his body is often the best tactic in drawn-out, one-against-many gunfights. At other points, Bryce may need to step in to take a hit for his all-too-mortal partner, Arcadia, an operative with the National Anti-Demon Agency.

Other mortal dangers can be used to the immortal hero's benefit. Burning body parts light the way in dark places. Electrocution leads to lightning-infused bullets. The demon-blasting action plays out in destructible environments, where enemies can be caught in falling rubble, and entire buildings may be brought to the ground. The character becomes more powerful as he progresses through the adventure, through an experience-based leveling system. Online competition and co-op are available for up to four players. The game's musical score includes a title track by Megadeth.

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