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Hugh Laurie - Didn't It Rain (2013)(Music CD) ฿200.00
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Hugh Laurie

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Didn't It Rain is the second studio album from comedian-turned-actor-turned-blues-maestro Hugh Laurie. Recorded in Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, the album contains several blues songs (like its predecessor). Unlike his previous album, however, Laurie also branches further into other Southern US and South American genres, including as Jazz, R&B, and Tango. Laurie once again plays piano and guitar and provides vocals, with the Copper Bottom Band playing additional instruments; similarly to Let Them Talk, a range of guest musicians also join Laurie on the album to provide vocals, with appearances including Gaby Moreno, Jean McClain, and Taj Mahal. This special edition bookpack includes bonus tracks.
Track List: CD1
01. The St. Louis Blues [04:21]
02. Junkers Blues [02:55]
03. Kiss of Fire [03:28]
04. Vickshurg Blues [04:29]
05. The Weed Smoker's Dream [04:17]
06. Wild Honey [04:21]
07. Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair [05:27]
08. Evenin' [03:03]
09. Didn't It Rain [02:52]
10. Careless Love [05:21]
11. One For My Baby [04:01]
12. I Hate A Man Like You [04:18]
13. Changes [03:58]
Track List: CD2
01. Day & Night [03:06]
02. Junco Partner [03:18]
03. Louisiana Blues [02:30]
04. Staggerlee [03:46]
05. Unchain My Heart [03:42]


More Information
Studio: Warner Bros.
Year: 2013