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Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2007)(DVD-R)
Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2007)(DVD-R)

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The Addams Family (2019)(Blu-ray) The Addams Family (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Saturday 11 January, 2020

In a world of ordinary suburbanites, The Addams Family's macabre lifestyle stand out from the crowd. Morticia and her husband Gomez try to raise their children Wednesday and Pugsley as best as possible as they plan for the special arrival of their relatives. After the spooky clan moves into their...

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Trespassers (2019)(Blu-ray) Trespassers (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Thursday 09 January, 2020

Two couples, each working through relationship issues, rent a gorgeous house in the desert for a sex- and drug-fueled escape from reality. Sarah (Angela Trimbur) and Estelle (Janel Parrish) are longtime best friends looking forward to reconnecting after a period apart; their boyfriends, Joseph (Zach Avery) and Victor (Jonathan Howard),...

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Depraved (2019)(Blu-ray) Depraved (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2020

The legend of Frankenstein gets a provocative modern update in the stylishly disturbing new film from indie horror master Larry Fessenden. Suffering from PTSD following his stint as an army medic, Henry (David Call) now works feverishly in his Brooklyn laboratory to forget the death he witnessed overseas by creating...

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Mine 9 (2019)(Blu-ray) Mine 9 (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2020

The mining county of Appalachia, knowns as the Devils Playground, has become a place for miners of all ages to make a good living. A group of veteran miners and an 18-year-old rookie travel down the mines for a seemingly normal day of mining and making a profit. However, the...

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Line of Duty (2019)(Blu-ray) Line of Duty (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2020

A cop finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed. Aaron Eckhart stars as Frank Penny, a disgraced cop looking for a shot at redemption. When the police chief's 11-year-old daughter is abducted, Frank goes rogue to try and save her....

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The Lighthouse (2019)(Blu-ray) The Lighthouse (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2020

A seasoned light keeper and his new sidekick have been assigned to man a secluded beacon that is located in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The elder light keeper charges himself with caring for the lighthouse while his assistant takes care of the tedious tasks. The light house...

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Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)(Blu-ray) Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Saturday 04 January, 2020

The original team returns with another round of zombie mayhem. Columbus, Tallahassee, Little Rock, Wichita have now moved from events of the past with a keen eye for the living dead that populate the midwest. Their biggest problems may not be zombies as they begin to find issues with one...

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Badland (2019)(Blu-ray) Badland (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Friday 03 January, 2020

More than a decade after the Civil War, a nation tries to rebuild as an outlaw faction takes root across the West. In the unincorporated parts of the country, this plague grows with no one to regulate. Gunslinging detective Matthias Breecher is hired to track down the worst of the...

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Paradise Hills (2019)(Blu-ray) Paradise Hills (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Friday 03 January, 2020

Uma, the scion in a wealthy family, finds herself interred in a remote hospital by a rich and powerful man who seeks her hand in marriage by any means possible. But her potential future husband has ulterior motives that go beyond marriage. He's in the process of seizing her father's...

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Gemini Man (2019)(Blu-ray) Gemini Man (2019)(Blu-ray) - Date Added: Thursday 02 January, 2020

Will Smith stars in the nonstop action thrill-ride from Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee. Retired hitman Henry Brogan (Smith) is forced on the run and finds himself hunted by his ultimate adversary - a younger clone of himself. Packed with epic fight scenes and groundbreaking visual effects, Gemini Man is...

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Displaying 101 to 110 (of 4063 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 11  12  13  14  15 ...  [Next >>] 

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