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Mask Of Zorro, The
Mask Of Zorro, The

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Relentless (2018)(DVD-R) Relentless (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 15 July, 2018

Ally his horrified to learn that her daughter has been kidnapped by human traffickers while working at a coffee plantation in El Salvador. When she alerts the authorities, Ally is dismayed to find that they are slow to take action. Ally takes matters into her own hands by journeying to...

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Battalion (2018)(DVD-R) Battalion (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 15 July, 2018

When a devastating attack on Los Angeles by an army of machines from a parallel universe sparks a massive world war, Californian surfer John Blake joins up with the US Marines to head across the Pacific to join the fight against the machines. But their first battle on the coast...

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Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)(DVD-R) Before Someone Gets Hurt (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 15 July, 2018

The kids from Ghost Investigations are the meteoric rising stars in the ghost hunting community, they are rising so hard and fast in fact, it looks as though they will get picked up by one of the major cable channels. Their secret? Their sarcastic wit coupled with their almost scientific...

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Bilal A New Breed of Hero (2018)(DVD-R) Bilal A New Breed of Hero (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 15 July, 2018

A thousand years ago, one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land far away from home. Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change....

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The Rider (2018)(DVD-R) The Rider (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 15 July, 2018

Life as a cowboy can be a solitary existence, but for those who prefer this way of life, there's nothing better. When one young man comes face to face with his own mortality and almost meets his maker, though, it suddenly becomes apparent to him that there is so much...

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Shock And Awe (2018)(DVD-R) Shock And Awe (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Saturday 14 July, 2018

Shock and Awe is a politically-charged thriller surrounding a group of journalists seeking the truth about the weapons of mass destruction charge against Saddam Hussein. Set in 2003 during the George W. Bush Administration, the film focuses on the multiple layers of deceit, confusion and political allegiances. The journalists must...

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7 Splinters in Time (2018)(DVD-R) 7 Splinters in Time (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Saturday 14 July, 2018

A detective is called to identify a body that is identical to him. As he dives into the harrowing case, versions of himself emerge and haunting memories fill his mind. He must find his other self before it finds him.

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14 Cameras (2018)(DVD-R) 14 Cameras (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Saturday 14 July, 2018

When a family of four rent a beautiful house for their summer vacation, the price seems too good to be true. Unbeknownst to them, the lascivious owner (Archambault) has set up a series of spy cams throughout the house, documenting their most intimate moments and live-streaming them to the dark...

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Billy Boy (2018)(DVD-R) Billy Boy (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Saturday 14 July, 2018

When Billy's (Blake Jenner, "Glee") friend is found dead, his world is forever changed. He tries to move on from his past, falling in love with Jennifer (Melissa Benoit, "Supergirl") but feelings of anger and grief cripple him and put his future in jeopardy.

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Affairs of State (2018)(DVD-R) Affairs of State (2018)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Friday 13 July, 2018

In his quest for power, D.C. aide Michael Lawson will do anything to take part in Senator Baines's White House campaign, including blackmailing Baines's shady advisor (Adrian Grenier, TV's "Entourage") and sleeping with the candidate's wife (Mimi Rogers). But when he gets involved with the senator's alluring daughter, Lawson learns...

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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 11193 new products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

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01. Just Getting Started (2018)Just Getting Started (2018)(DVD-R)
02. Minutes To Midnight (2018)Minutes To Midnight (2018)(DVD-R)
03. The Domestic (2018)The Domestic (2018)(DVD-R)
04. Darkest Hour (2018)Darkest Hour (2018)(DVD-R)
05. The Stray (2018)The Stray (2018)(DVD-R)
06. Murder on The Orient Express (2018)Murder on The Orient Express (2018)(DVD-R)
07. How It Ends (2018)How It Ends (2018)(DVD-R)
08. Imitation Game, The (2015)Imitation Game, The (2015)(DVD-R)
09. Barbie: Video Game Hero (2017)Barbie: Video Game Hero (2017)(DVD-R)
10. The Hollow Child (2018)The Hollow Child (2018)(DVD-R)

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