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Blood Father (2016)(DVD-R) Blood Father (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Tuesday 30 August, 2016

John is a grizzled man who has cleaned up his life after years of hard living and prison. His wayward ways estranged him from his wife and daughter, but Lydia, now 16 years old, is starting to follow in her father's former criminal footsteps. In the process, she becomes entangled...

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Hard Target 2 (2016)(DVD-R) Hard Target 2 (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Monday 29 August, 2016

World champion martial arts fighter Wes Baylor receives an offer from the rich and mysterious Aldrich: Participate in a one-off fight in an exotic location, and receive a substantial paycheck. In need of cash, Wes accepts. But when he arrives in the vast jungles of Mirimar, he discovers that his...

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Honey 3 (2016)(DVD-R) Honey 3 (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Monday 29 August, 2016

Melea is a college student with a free spirit who feels confined by her school's stringent rules, which leads her to want to do her own thing. While brainstorming to find innovative ways to use her skills as a dancer and ignite her surrounding community, she decides to rent an...

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Equals (2016)(DVD-R) Equals (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Monday 29 August, 2016

In this gripping and emotional sci-fi romance from acclaimed director Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult play Nia and Silas, two people who work together in a futuristic society known as "The Collective." A seemingly utopian world, "The Collective" has ended crime and violence by genetically eliminating...

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Imperium (2016)(DVD-R) Imperium (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

Nate is an analyst who has just embarked upon a career in the FBI. His is young and sees the world through the eyes of an idealist, but his assignment to go undercover with an extreme right-wing group seriously tests his conscience and resolve. Surrounded by ambassadors of hateful bigotry,...

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Genius (2016)(DVD-R) Genius (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

Genius is the story of Max Perkins, a famous editor at publishing company Scribner who oversaw the publishing of works by authors like Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and more. Genius tells the story of Perkins's rise and acquisition of some of the most famous writers in American...

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Conjuring 2, The - The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)(DVD-R) Conjuring 2, The - The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

The supernatural thriller brings to the screen another real case from the files of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Reprising their roles, Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as Lorraine and Ed Warren, who, in one of their most terrifying paranormal investigations, travel to north London to...

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Darkness, The (2016)(DVD-R) Darkness, The (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

From the producers of The Purge and Insidious, comes this terrifying supernatural thriller starring Kevin Bacon (TV's The Following) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill). When their young son (David Mazouz, TV's Gotham) brings home five mystical stones he found on their family's camping trip to the Grand Canyon, Peter (Bacon)...

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American Conjuring (2016)(DVD-R) American Conjuring (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

A young family who moves into a home with a dark and tragic history they are unaware that it used to be an orphanage and now houses the tormented spirit of a woman named Hester Corbett who killed herself in the basement. But upon their first night of moving into...

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Tumbledown (2016)(DVD-R) Tumbledown (2016)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 28 August, 2016

Pop culture scholar Andrew (Jason Sudeikis) comes to Maine to interview Hannah (Rebecca Hall), the protective widow of an acclaimed singer. When the unlikely pair strike a deal to co-write a biography, Andrew finds himself clashing with a cast of locals, including Hannah's hunky suitor (Joe Manganiello), and her loving...

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Displaying 51 to 60 (of 4168 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 

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01. Central Intelligence (2016)Central Intelligence (2016)(DVD-R)
02. Legend of Tarzan, The (2016)(Blu-ray)Legend of Tarzan, The (2016)(Blu-ray)
03. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)(DVD-R)
04. Bastille Day (2016)Bastille Day (2016)(DVD-R)
05. Legend of Tarzan, The (2016)Legend of Tarzan, The (2016)(DVD-R)
06. The Purge: Election Year (2016)(Blu-ray)The Purge: Election Year (2016)(Blu-ray)
07. Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)(DVD-R)
08. Free State of Jones (2016)Free State of Jones (2016)(DVD-R)
09. X-Men: Apocalypse 3D (2016)(BD50)(Blu-ray)X-Men: Apocalypse 3D (2016)(BD50)(Blu-ray)
10. Bride, The (2016)Bride, The (2016)(DVD-R)

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