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Nowhere Man (Deluxe)
Nowhere Man (Deluxe)

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Vikings - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) Vikings - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 12 October, 2014

Muster your courage for a second riveting journey into the savage world of Vikings. Season Two follows the ongoing fortunes of Ragnar, the Norse warrior who has now become a respected leader on and off the battleground. But more power brings an onslaught of deadly threats and...

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Downton Abbey - Season 3 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) Downton Abbey - Season 3 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Thursday 09 October, 2014

The entire third series of the ITV costume drama following the lives and loves of those above and below stairs in an English stately home. With World War One finally over, the 1920s heralds the promise of a new age for those at Downton Abbey. But while the family prepare...

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Pretty Little Liars - Season 3 (Deluxe)(DVD-R) Pretty Little Liars - Season 3 (Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Thursday 09 October, 2014

A long summer vacation appears to be just what Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer needed to heal from the traumatic year that included Maya's murder and learning Mona was "A." Things may seem "normal," but the four girls are hardly over what happened. As school starts...

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Supernatural - Season 9 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) Supernatural - Season 9 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Thursday 09 October, 2014

With the angelic Host’s descent to Earth. Sam and Dean now face a world inhabited by thousands of powerful beings which soon form their own chaotic agendas. Before tackling the threat of the “loose nukes” roaming the globe, the Winchesters engage in their most personal conflict yet....

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Vampire Diaries - Season 5 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) Vampire Diaries - Season 5 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Thursday 09 October, 2014

After a sizzling summer with Damon, Elena leaves Mystic Falls and moves into a dorm with her roomie Caroline, ready for new adventures and new friends. But dark thoughts gnaw at Elena, and soon familiar faces are back in the girls' lives. There's Stefan with his...

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Scandal - Season 3 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) Scandal - Season 3 (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Wednesday 08 October, 2014

Forget everything you thought you knew about who to trust... and who to fear. The suspense ratchets up as secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and dark truths come to light in ABC's Scandal: The Complete Third Season.

Now, the seemingly invincible "fixer" Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)...

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Nashville - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) Nashville - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Monday 06 October, 2014

Indulge your passion for drama, music, intrigue and seduction in ABC's riveting second season of Nashville.

Rayna James (Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) are at the top of their game, but in Nashville, the higher you rise, the farther you fall. In the aftermath of her...

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American Horror Story: Coven - Season 3 (2014)(DVD-R) American Horror Story: Coven - Season 3 (2014)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Monday 06 October, 2014

An all-star cast reigns supreme in American Horror Story: Coven, including Emmy® winner and two-time OSCAR® Winner Jessica Lange*, OSCAR® Winner Kathy Bates** and ACADEMY AWARD® Nominee Angela Bassett†. The exceptional young witches at Miss Robichaux’s Academy are under assault by forces of ignorance and hate. Caught in the turmoil...

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24: Live Another Day (2041)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) 24: Live Another Day (2041)(Deluxe)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 05 October, 2014

Exiled in London for four years, former Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer (Emmy® winner Kiefer Sutherland) must spring into action to try to save U.S. President James Heller (William Devane). In retribution for a drone strike he ordered, Heller sits in the crosshairs of the widow of an al-Qaeda...

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Following, The - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) Following, The - Season 2 (2014)(DVD-R) - Date Added: Sunday 05 October, 2014

The hit psychological thriller from Kevin Williamson makes a killer return in Season Two. With serial killer and cult leader Joe Carrolll (James Purefoy) presumed dead, ex-FBI Agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) has spent a year rebuilding his life. But a horrific killing spree motivates Hardy and his ex-partner, Agent...

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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 1479 new products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

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01. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)(DVD-R)
02. Lucy (2014)(QuickPlay)Lucy (2014)(QuickPlay)(DVD-R)
03. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)(DVD-R)
04. 22 Jump Street (2014)22 Jump Street (2014)(DVD-R)
05. Purge, The: Anarchy (2014)Purge, The: Anarchy (2014)(DVD-R)
06. Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)(DVD-R)
07. Sin City 2 - A Dame To Kill For (2014)(Blu-ray)Sin City 2 - A Dame To Kill For (2014)(Blu-ray)
08. Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)(Deluxe)Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)(Deluxe)(DVD-R)
09. Million Ways To Die In The West, A (2014)Million Ways To Die In The West, A (2014)(DVD-R)
10. Earth To Echo (2014)Earth To Echo (2014)(DVD-R)

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