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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Shipping Information Shipping Information

We offer three shipping methods.

Air Mail: This takes 7-14 days, and is charged according to the number of discs ordered (more discs, the cheaper per disc). This is an economical, yet not always reliable system. Usually takes 7-14 days, but there are some times where all packages we ship on a certain day take up to 30 days, sometimes more, to arrive (we refer to those as "slow shipping days").

Registered Airmail Express: Like Air Mail above, but the shipment is registered with the post office here, making it somewhat more reliable. There is a small price increase for this.

Express Mail Service (EMS): Takes 4-8 days, and is very reliable. The cost depends on the weight of the package, and since the minimum weight is 500 grams, we recommend ordering in multiples of 12 for the best rates.

Additionally, an extra fee of 200THB will be charged for orders of less than 5 discs, to help cover for the extra shipping cost.

Please note: We can not be held responsible in any way if you do not receive an order because you entered an invalid address when checking out, so, please be careful when entering your address.

Shipping delays
Occasionally, we see delays in the postal service, with packages taking much longer than usual to arrive. We do not know what causes these delays, but in most cases the packages do arrive.
The post office policy is to allow 30 days of shipping before consider a package lost, we are not able to do anythn before this time has passed. If your order has not arrived by that time, please let us know. We will then inform the post office who will try to trace the order, they usually have an answer before a maximum of two weeks. If the order is truly lost, we are happy to refund or re-ship it. EMS Tracking
When we give you the EMS tracking number for your order, you can look it up online. Before the package arrives in your country, you can use the Thailand Post EMS tracking page.
Then, once the package is in your country, you can use your local post office or courier company's site to track it, most would have a "track and trace" function. For reference, these are the sites you can use:

UK: Parcelforce
France: Chronopost International
Ireland: SDS
Germany: DHL (now owned by Deutsche Post)
Australia: Australia Post
New Zealand: New Zealand Post

If you know of any more sites for your country, please let us know so we can add them here! Please also keep in mind that EMS tracking is not 100% accurate. There have been many cases where a tracking number simply does not show up on any sites, though the package eventually arrives. The tracking number is mainly useful to place a claim with the postal system in your country in the event a package does not arrive in a timely fashion.

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