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Morcheeba - From Brixton to Beijing
Morcheeba - From Brixton to Beijing

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 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow   Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The World Will Tremble

It's Sky Captain (Law) to the rescue in this high-flying adventure where he must team up with intrepid reporter Polly Perkins (Paltrow) and Captain Franky Cookie (Jolie) to stop the evil Dr. Totenkopf from carrying out his plan to destroy the world!

Please note: Cover contains...
 ฿100.00  ฿70.00  Sold Out!
 Tomb Raider   Tomb Raider

Like the video game series it's based on, Tomb Raider is best enjoyed for its physical strategies, since even casual scrutiny of story details will induce a headache. It's more concerned with puzzles than plot, populated with characters that don't have personalities so much as attitudes. It's silly and somber...
 ฿100.00  ฿70.00  Sold Out!
 A Mighty Heart (DVD-R)   A Mighty Heart (DVD-R)

On January 23, 2002, Mariane Pearls world changed forever. Her husband Daniel (Dan Futterman), the South Asia Bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, was researching a story on shoe bomber Richard Reid. The story drew them to Karachi, Pakistan, where a go-between had promised access to an elusive source....
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Alexander   Alexander

Academy award winning director Oliver Stone presents a breathtaking new cut of his sweeping epic film, ALEXANDER, the true story of the world's greatest warrior. Using new footage and dramatically reshaping dozens of scenes, he brings to life the overpowering forces and fierce personalities that forever changed history. Torn by...
 ฿100.00  Sold Out!
 Beowulf (2007)(DVD-R)   Beowulf (2007)(DVD-R)

In the age of heroes comes the mightiest warrior of them all, Beowulf. After destroying the overpowering demon Grendel, he incurs the undying wrath of the beast’s ruthlessly seductive mother who will use any means possible to ensure revenge. The ensuing epic battle throughout the ages, immortalizing the name Beowulf....
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Beyond Borders (DVD-R)   Beyond Borders (DVD-R)

Romantic adventure, marital crisis, and the tragedy of global hunger are combined with mixed but respectable results in Beyond Borders, starring Angelina Jolie in a role that reflects her off-screen efforts as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. Jolie plays a naive American socialite, unhappily married and living in London, whose...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 By The Sea (2016)(DVD-R)   By The Sea (2016)(DVD-R)

By the Sea follows an American writer named Roland (Pitt) and his wife, Vanessa (Jolie Pitt), who arrive in a tranquil and picturesque seaside resort in 1970s France, their marriage in apparent crisis. As they spend time with fellow travelers, including young newlyweds Lea (Laurent)...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Changeling (2008)(DVD-R)   Changeling (2008)(DVD-R)

Los Angeles, 1928.
When single mother Christine Collins (Jolie) leaves for work, her son vanishes without a trace. Five months later, the police reunite mother and son; but he isn’t her boy. Driven by one woman’s relentless quest for the truth, the case exposes a world of corruption, captivates the public...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Gia (DVD-R)   Gia (DVD-R)

It's late '70s New York. Studio 54, designer jeans, drugs and disco. One girl is living life in the fast lane. She can have any man -- or any woman -- she wants. Sex, money, glamour, fame, it's all within her reach. She walks toward you across the dance floor,...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Gone in 60 Seconds   Gone in 60 Seconds

Academy Award winners Nicolas Cage (The Rock) and sexy Angelina Jolie (The Bone Collector) ride an unstoppable wave of speed and adrenaline in this hot, edgy action hit from high-octane producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Armageddon). Legendary car booster Randall "Memphis" Raines (Cage) thought he'd left the fast lane behind--until he's...
 ฿100.00  Sold Out!
 Good Shepherd, The (DVD-R)   Good Shepherd, The (DVD-R)

Edward Wilson understands the value of secrecy--discretion and commitment to honor have been embedded in him since childhood. As an eager, optimistic student at Yale, he is recruited to join the secret society Skull and Bones, a brotherhood and breeding ground for future world leaders. Wilson's acute mind, spotless reputation...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Hackers (DVD-R)   Hackers (DVD-R)

While practicing the tricks of the trade, a neophyte "hacker" accomplishes the nearly impossible: he hacks the highly secured computer at the Ellingson Mineral Corporation. But in doing so, he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme masked by a computer virus with the potential to destroy the world's ecosystem!...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Kung Fu Panda (DVD-R)   Kung Fu Panda (DVD-R)

Enthusiastic, big and a little clumsy, Po is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around... which doesnt exactly come in handy while working every day in his familys noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Pos dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)(DVD-R)   Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)(DVD-R)

In “Kung Fu Panda 2,” Po is now living his dream as The Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow kung fu masters, the Furious Five. But Po’s new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain,...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)(DVD-R)   Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)(DVD-R)

Po is at it again as he returns in the third installment of this fun-filled, animated adventure. After Po is reunite with his long lost father, he travels to a fantastic panda paradise where he meets a host of wacky characters. It all seems perfect until the evil villain Kai...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2016)(DVD-R)   Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2016)(DVD-R)

In this hilarious action adventure, Master Shifu calls on Po to host the year's biggest event - the Winter Feast, a special time of the year to celebrate family, tradition and the awesomeness of Kung Fu! Po and the Furious Five must team up to throw the best celebration the...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Life or Something Like It (DVD-R)   Life or Something Like It (DVD-R)

Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns sizzle in this romantic comedy about making choices, making friends and making a mess. Lanie (Jolie) is a beautiful, ambitious newscaster who thinks that having the perfect hair, perfect boyfriend and perfect apartment adds up to the perfect life, until an encounter with a street...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Maleficent (2014)(DVD-R)   Maleficent (2014)(DVD-R)

From Disney comes “Maleficent”—the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.” A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)(DVD-R)   Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)(DVD-R)

Everyone's favorite villainess is about to make a ravishing return. Maleficent's darling godchild, Aurora, is all grown up and believes she has found love. But Maleficent, wary of the girl's impending union, suddenly finds herself falling into old patterns. Aurora's new love has a mother who's a match for Maleficent...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Mr and Mrs. Smith   Mr and Mrs. Smith

Released amidst rumors of romance between costars Angelina Jolie and soon-to-be-divorced Brad Pitt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith offers automatic weapons and high explosives as the cure for marital boredom. The premise of this exhausting action-comedy (no relation to the 1941 Alfred Hitchcock comedy starring Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery) is...
 ฿100.00  Sold Out!
 Original Sin (DVD-R)   Original Sin (DVD-R)

Featuring additional footage too explicit for theaters, this Unrated Version of the year's sexiest film is riveting and revealing entertainment you simply must see. Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro) and Oscar winner Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) pull out all the stops in this sultry film in which...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Salt (2010) (DVD-R)   Salt (2010) (DVD-R)

Angelina Jolie confirms her status as action-heroine supreme in the sinewy thriller Salt. Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is a respected high-ranking CIA agent… until a defecting Russian operative declares that she's a Russian mole in deep cover, launching her on the most delicious chase sequence since the Bourne movies. When the...

 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Secrets of the Furious Five (DVD-R)   Secrets of the Furious Five (DVD-R)
The Kung Fu Panda Story Continues

Skadoosh!! It's the world premiere of Po's all-new adventure from the filmmakers that brought you Kung Fu Panda! He may have defeated the ferocious Tai Lung, but our Dragon Warrior (Jack Black) must now face Shifu's (Dustin Hoffman) biggest challenge with the help of Viper, Tigress, Monkey, Crane and Mantis....
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
 Shark Tale   Shark Tale

Oscar (Will Smith), a lowly tongue-scrubber at the local Whale Wash, becomes an improbable hero when he tells a great white lie. To keep his secret, Oscar teams up with an outcast vegetarian shark, Lenny (Jack Black), and the two become the most unlikely of friends. When his lie begins...
 ฿100.00  Sold Out!
 Sticky Sweet 2 (18+) (DVD-R)   Sticky Sweet 2 (18+) (DVD-R)

Internationally acclaimed gonzo director, Robby D. offers fans a raw and unapologetic tribute to the kind of hardcore sex that will keep minds racing at night. Sticky Sweet 2 gives fans dirty sluts with the largest tits in porn. Sticky Sweet describes the sensation Mick Blue experiences when he buries...
 ฿100.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 63 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 

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